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Why The Mightier 1090?

The Mightier 1090 targets affluent male listeners aged 35+ with engaging sports talk and a broad signal spanning Tijuana to LA, reaching 20 million people. It's known for uniting sports fans without play-by-play, featuring local favorites like Kaplan & Crew and Let’s Talk Hook-up, alongside national hosts Rich Eisen and Jim Rome. Advertising here ensures strong ROI through focused demographics and high listener engagement.

Why The Mightier 1090?

Why Sports-Talk Radio?

Sports-Talk Radio provides a cost-effective, quick-turnaround platform for tactical advertising, targeting specific demographics and regions by station type, age, and more. It drives immediate results and consumer trust, with 92% of the population tuning in weekly. Whether engaging digital super-fans or reaching under-engaged media consumers, radio is pivotal, with adults spending significantly more time weekly on radio than on social media. It bridges the gap for brands by connecting with light TV and internet users who show a strong appetite for radio content.



Why Sports-Talk Radio?
Being able to manage everything online at our convenience and within our budget, even getting our creative produced free, saves my team time and the firm money.
Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-Mantel
Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-MantelManaging Partner - Primus Family Law Group - San Diego, Ca.

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