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Why Shelf Nine?

THE Premier Retail Media Network spanning the US!

Shelf Nine's network of over 2,500 digital screens provides an in-store digital experience for brands with specifically targeted 1:1 communications in the retail environment. National Ads, Store Promotions, Customized Content, Co-Branded Promotions. Shelf Nine can target your ideal customers in some of the most highly engaging and high traffic environments.

Why Shelf Nine?

Why Digital Out Of Home?

A Better Shopping Experience.

Shelf Nine offers a superior shopping experience with video content running on a 4-minute cycle. Customized local news, weather, and store promotions engage shoppers with relevant ads. With unique screen inventory at the Point of Purchase, it influences 75% of brand decisions in-store. Ads seen by 55% lead to 19% unplanned purchases, and adopting digital signage boosts sales by 33% for 4 out of 5 brands.

Why Digital Out Of Home?
Being able to manage everything online at our convenience and within our budget, even getting our creative produced, saves my team time and the firm money.
Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-Mantel
Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-MantelManaging Partner - Primus Family Law Group - San Diego, Ca.

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