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Who is Bonneville International?

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Bonneville International, founded in 1964, is an integrated media company dedicated to building, connecting, informing, and celebrating communities and families across six western U.S. markets. We operate radio and TV stations, local websites, podcasts, and digital assets, giving voice to all communities with respect and inspiration.

Who is Bonneville International?

Audio Activates!

We offer powerful traditional and digital advertising strategies to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and enhance your bottom line. Our services include unique brand identities, digital marketing across devices, award-winning podcasts, local influencer partnerships, event sponsorships, and comprehensive enterprise solutions with Audience In Motion (AIM).

Audio Activates!
Being able to manage everything online at our convenience and within our budget, even getting our creative produced free, saves my team time and the firm money.
Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-Mantel
Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-MantelManaging Partner - Primus Family Law Group - San Diego, Ca.

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